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Common Questions

Useful Information

Can I use your services if I am not an NDIS participant?

Yes! You are able to engage with us if you are not an NDIS participant. This just means that you will be personally responsible for the fees. Alternatively, Emma is a developmental educator and an expert on all things NDIS, call to arrange a free consultation with her and she can assist you in the steps to becoming an NDIS participant. 

I am agency managed, can I use your services?

Yes! As Lilac Support is NDIS registered, we accept all NDIS participants, whether they are agency, plan, self or nominee managed. 

How do I access your service?

1. Give us a call, email or contact us through our website

2. We will discuss your needs, preferences and goals to determine whether we are a good match for you. If not, we will refer you to another service provider. If yes, we will arrange a face-to-face meeting to get to know you and complete the paperwork. 

3. We will provide a start date and then we will review the services as needed and change to suit your goals. 

Who do you support?

At Lilac Support, we specialise in supporting adults living with intellectual disabilities, including acquired brain injuries and congenital disorders and syndromes. We also have a wealth of experience with adults with sensory impairments, developmental disorders and autism. 

Is transportation assistance provided for individuals with mobility challenges?

While we don't currently have specialised vehicles for mobility challenges, we are dedicated to finding alternative solutions and providing the best support possible within our existing framework. If you have specific transportation needs, we'd be happy to discuss potential options or collaborate with you to explore alternative arrangements that ensure accessibility and convenience.

Can family members be involved in the planning and support process?

Absolutely. We encourage family involvement and collaboration in the planning and support process. Open communication is key to creating effective and supportive plans.

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